Once Upon a Poodle


A Mom’s Choice Winner for excellence in Juvenile Fiction, Once upon a Poodle goes back in time, before The Adventures of the Poodle Posse series. How exactly did the first two poodles in the series become a family? This prequel tells the story. This picture book is a perfect read-aloud for youngsters who love dogs, a good tale, are about to welcome a new sibling and an independent reader for those in grades 1+.



When Miniature Poodle Woody faces the same-old playtime with his human mom, who is none too good at dog games, he begins a search for a new playmate, perhaps even a brother. After several attempts, their household turns to chaos as nuts are cracked, feathers fly and gardens are harvested. But persistent Woody keeps searching and doesn’t give up until the right one comes along. Who will it be? Find out in Once upon a Poodle, a prequel picture book to the award-winning series: The Adventures of the Poodle Posse.


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