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Children’s Author Visits

The more I visit schools, the more I realize how valuable author visits really are. They do give young readers and writers cause to stop and really think about writing from a different perspective. They also reinforce and compliment curriculum goals such as:

  • defining roles of author and illustrator
  • identifying similarities and differences of characters with other stories
  • identifying characters, setting and events that occur in story and describe them based on illustrations and details
  • taking away meaning from stories
  • confirming understanding of story with Q/A session
  • explaining how illustration adds to and help clarify a story
  • describing key ideas
  • Recalling information

Read on to find out more. I’m also a participating author on the professional organization; SCBWI (Society of Children’s BookWriters & Illustrator’s) visiting author website.

For Preschool- 1:

All PreK-1 receive an introduction to authors and illustrators with a little about where ideas come from.  Newest release: Once upon a Poodle full-color picture book. Storytelling from this adorable and funny book which follows the tale of a little poodle who tries everything possible to find a brother—feathers fly, nuts are cracked, gardens are harvested in this tale made just for storytelling


For 1-3:

New PowerPoint presentations are offered each school year for my children’s author visits. Presently, they are based on my newest book for this age group, A Grand Slam Birthday. They focus on tuning into creativity, what to do with ideas, how to begin, parts of a story, how a book is made and a little storytelling. Unique aspect is a focus on students learning how to tell stories of their own, in addition to my storytelling. In this particular program, children will also learn a short lesson in botany, like the anatomy of a plant, what plants need to thrive, about seeds, flowers and more. Those who purchase books will receive a seed packet for their own experimentation, and the class will receive seeds in order for the entire class to understand how seeds grow.

I use my experience as a long-term magazine writer and author to demonstrate how I got the ideas for my stories, how I gave each character a personality and placed them within a setting, how I created an action or problem and solved it, how I observed what’s around me or something that has happened to me for inspiration—-and had a little fun in the process.

Choose from a special holiday theme from the easy-reader series: The Adventures of the Poodle Posse.

Halloween Program: A visual storybook telling of Creepy Tails!, a Halloween Adventure

Christmas Program: A visual storybook telling of A Very, Merry Mixed-Up Christmas.

Midwinter Program: A visual storybook telling of Trouble Down Under, a Midwinter Adventure

Beach Blast: A visual storybook telling of No Dogs Allowed!; A Summer Adventure

Length of sessions:  30 minutes + time for Q/A

Length of sessions: 45 minutes

**Programs are also designed for school book clubs, Title-1 programs and literacy nights.

Bulk book pricing, printouts for discussion available.



You pick the date and time, and I supply the rest – hands-on interaction with students-plus a new PowerPoint presentation each school year that focuses on one of the many themes listed below:

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  • Imagination
  • Inspiration
  • Author & Illustrator-the team
  • Why authors write what they do
  • Tips for better writing
  • Writing & production process
  • Where to begin?
  • You are already an author


An author visit is usually an assembly, where I speak to several grades about inspiration and idea generation, through my PowerPoint and storytelling.  But it can also be more intimate in a library or classroom setting.


I can make it a morning, a day or more. It’s all up to you and how much time you’d like to devote.

What to do?

So easy for busy teachers- I supply discounted book order forms and preview books. Just collect orders, drop me a line a day or two before with the info and I bring the books on the day of the visit-dedicated and ready to go. There is no need to deal with book distributors, stores, etc. Just check the calendar to find an event or open date to schedule a visit to your school. Or drop me a line at [email protected]

You pick a date that’s good for you, secure the space, distribute discount book order forms and talk up the visit. Then I do the rest. I supply the order forms and bring my laptop and projector on the day of the visit. Book signing can be done in advance (preferred) or on the day of the visit. It’s up to you. I bring all of my books with me, so there is no need to deal with book stores or book distributors


Each year, special weeks come with special offers. Discounted visits are offered during CATHOLIC SCHOOLS WEEK and READ ACROSS AMERICA . Travel fees apply outside the greater Philadelphia/Central/Southern NJ areas.

Discounted Book Sales

Books are discounted from regular retail. For volume discounts, drop me a line at: [email protected]. (depending upon volume) .


I love visiting with students and sharing my love of writing with them. So, I am therefore ‘fee simple’ and hands-on; promoting the experiences of reading and writing through my examples rather than promoting just the sale of a single book or series. All programs are designed for the needs of each school, so please drop a line for a quote: [email protected]. or call (267) 250-6626. Fees are by arrangement, depending upon location, number of programs per day. Special fees available for Catholic Schools Week and Read Across America Week. 

For financially-challenged districts, please send a note to me: [email protected] and I will try to work out a suitable program.

Preview copies:

You are certainly welcome to preview any of the books prior to booking a visit. Just send me a note: [email protected].


What I ask of you: There are a few requests:

Please do not book me during, right before or immediately following a school book fair. It should be a successful event for all involved.

Please distribute book order forms; and on paper whenever possible. Emails tend to get lost in in-boxes. And book sales help keep fees down, and children’s reading up.

If you must cancel, I ask that you provide at least two weeks notice, so schedules can be redone.


For Libraries:

Primary school visits are tweaked and crafts and activities added, offering complete storytime/young reader programs based on the stories in the books: summer, winter, bullying and Halloween themes are the most popular. Flexible programs allow for ‘comp’ books and crafts for each participant to take home.

Adult talks on the writing process (self-publishing vs. traditional) include all aspects of navigating the process and moving manuscripts from rough drafts into finished manuscripts. Special library rates apply for single programs. Inquire on this site or write to: [email protected].