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About Book “The Case of the Missing Steak Bone/Who Let the Dogs Out?"

In The Missing Steak Bone story, mini-poodles are way too smart–or so some think. In this tale, smarter, older brother Woody thinks he’s pretty slick when he nabs a steak bone their mom had bought them. Problem? It was intended for his younger, shyer brother as well.  Find out what happens in this comedy of errors that puts one clever poodle and his ability to share in their proper place.

In the second story, Who Let the Dogs Out?,  Archie is so welcoming to his prior shelter friends, what’s a few more mouths to feed? Returning to the shelter he had come from, and wanting the same good life he is now accustomed to, he lets all of the dogs out and of course, brings them home. What kind of chaos is brought to mom’s house? And what does she do about it? Find out what happens to the crew and one precious poodle that mom just can’t live without.


Awarded with a Mom’s Choice Silver Medal for excellence in Juvenile Fiction the series informs readers that where poodles go, trouble is sure to follow–in the funny, silly and sometimes clever antics retold in The Adventures of the Poodle Posse. Follow the trails of Woody, Archie, Daisy and the ever-growing posse of four-legged characters that keep their loving owner, Mrs. Flout, on her toes, spun around and baffled, as her furry little family brings her joy, unexpected twists and turns and a few life lessons along the way.

True events led to the first story in the series: A comedy of errors has the posse chasing their own tales as they search for the missing bone. Upstairs, downstairs, in my lady’s chamber? You never know where you might find a bone and a little brotherly love along the way.

Who said one dog is ever enough?Who Let the Dogs Out, The second tale in the book, twists a few real life events into one doggone good adventure that supports the benefits of animal rescue—to both their owners and maybe, well maybe, grudgingly them as well. A new sister in the midst? It might shake things up just a bit.


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Chrysa Smith

So who is Chrysa Smith? Let’s see– I’ve been writing freelance magazine features for over 20 years–on everything from celebrity chefs and resorts to homing pigeons and pot-bellied pigs.

The Case of the Missing Steak Bone/Who Let the Dogs Out?


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